Homes for Sale in Southwest Amarillo

In this Picture: The Clock Tower Circle Drive in the Colonies 

As of today there are 351 homes for sale in Southwest Amarillo ranging from $28,000 to $2,750,000. Southwest Amarillo is by far the most widely desired area in Amarillo. Small pockets of other nice areas exist in Amarillo, however Southwest Amarillo offers the most consistency in layout, best shopping, most restaurants, parks and other conveniences.   

Here is a list of how many homes in what price ranges are available in some popular Southwest Amarillo Neighborhoods

Map of Southwest Amarillo and some Popular Newer Neighborhoods (New Construction -20 Years Old)

Neighborhood           # of Homes for Sale                     Range 

Colonies -                 33 Homes for Sale                        $199,000 to $1,650,000
Located Between 45th St and Hillside and Soncy and Coulter

City Park -                8 Homes for Sale                         $127,000 to $184,900
Located Between 45th St and Hillside and Coulter and Bell

Greenways -             31 Homes for Sale                       $187,000 to &799,000
Located Between Hillside Rd and Arden Rd and Between Soncy and Coulter

Windsor -                  15 Homes for Sale                       $159,750 to $399,000
Located Between Hillside and Bayswater and Coulter and Bell

Estacado -                 15 Homes for Sale                       $109,900 to $199,900
Located Between Bayswater and Arden Rd and Coulter and Bell

Westover -                15 Homes for Sale                       $140,000 to $290,000
Located Between Arden Rd and S. Loop 335 and Coulter and Bell

Westover Village -   14 Homes for Sale                       $189,900 to $399,000
Located Between 81st and S Loop 335 and Soncy and Coulter

Hillside Terrace -     41 Homes for Sale                       $132,900 to $203,500
Located S. of Hillside and West of W. Loop 335

There are many other great neighborhoods in Amarillo that have beautiful homes for sale also, If you would like any information about these or other neighborhoods please let me know.

In this Picture: The Greenway Trail in the Greenways

With interest rates around 3.8-4.5%, it's a great time to buy a home and I'm a call away to help you! 

Disclaimer: I did not count Wolflin and Oliver Eakle in the total number of homes for sale in Southwest Amarillo


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