Take the Money and Run! Actually buy a Home with it!

Here is the scoop...

As part of the stimulus package to boost the economy the government has passed a tax credit for buying a home.
Now the words "tax credit" sound a bit confusing, you may think well only people who make a lot of money or
pay a lot of taxes can get this credit. The fact of the matter is they should have called it "Free Money to Buy a Home".
That is exactly what it is, you get free money for buying a home, now you may think that is crazy, why would you
 get money for buying a home? Well its simple, if you buy a home there is a chain of events that is set off that
produce economic activity. The bank making the loan makes money, the title company makes money, a surveyor
makes money, a home inspector makes money, a real estate firm makes money and who ever you bought the home
from makes money and in turn they buy a new home. Buying and Selling homes created an enormous amount of
economic activity, so much so that the government is willing to give you up $8,000 to help the process. It’s AWESOME!

The real cool thing is that you can have that money in hand in 45 days!

SO.....call me today to find out if you qualify and lets get started!
806 654 3842 or dirk@pru-ada.com

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