Greenways Parks & Nature Area dedicated to the citizens of Amarillo

Today the new Greenways Park & Nature Area was dedicated to the citizens of Amarillo, this is a very unique situation because most of the park will be natural habitat that will not be developed. The reason??? The Playa Lake! The Texas Panhandle has the worlds largest concentration of Playa Lakes with around 20,000, these lakes are very essential to our ecosystem here in the Panhandle. The Playa lakes are the #1 source of replenishing our aquifers in the Panhandle and absolutely essential for our survival here in Amarillo. The Playa Lakes also support 37 mammal species, 185 bird species and 340 plant species.

This park allows the public front access to a undisturbed Playa lake with a natural wetlands environment surrounding the lake. There are walkways leading to the lake and wetlands with informational markets explaining the ecosystem of a Playa Lake.

The park also includes soccer fields, a baseball field, gazebos, playground and large lush lawns. The park is located at 7710 Bayswater in the Greenways

This park was a collaboration effort between local and state government and some great people were involved in the effort. Eddie Scott, developer of the Greenways in Amarillo donated 53 acres of the land for the park and trust me that is MILLIONS of $$$$$ of land that he donated. A big thank you to Mr. Eddie Scott! Larry Offerdahl, director of parks and recreation in Amarillo is the man behind the project and is a great asset to our city. Larry has made so many significant improvement to our parks and recreation areas in Amarillo and today was park # 64 that was added. There are many other great people that were involved in this project, thank you to all of you for this great hybrid park! (Eddie Scott on the left recieving a plaque from Larry Offerdahl on right)

Take the time, take your kids, spouse, friends and go visit the Greenways Park and Nature Area in Amarillo!

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