$8,000 for buying a house! Better Act Soon!

The 8,000 First Time homebuyer program was created to stimulate the national real estate market. This program is not only for first time home buyers but also for anyone who has not lived in their principal home in the last three years.
So how does it work?
Simple, if you qualify for the program and you purchase a home you will be eligible for a $8000 tax credit. You can claim the money one of two ways, you can either file the credit on your 2009 taxes and get it back next year or you can file an amendment on your 2008 taxes using the IRS from 5405 and have the cash in hand within 30-60 days from the time you closed on your home. I like the second option!

Here is the really sweet part! YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY THE MONEY BACK!!!!!!! As long as you occupy the home you purchase for the next three year you don't have to pay a cent back.

There are also programs that can actually help you to use the $8000 tax credit towards down payments and closing costs. So if you are ready to buy a home you need to JUMP on this opportunity. Keep in mind that the program ends December 1st 2009.
  1. Find out if you qualify for the tax credit
  2. Buy a home
  3. File your 2008 Tax Amendment
  4. Get $8000 in your hand within 30-60 days

Please call or email me if you want to find out if you qualify for this program, have any questions or if you have purchased a home and want to find out if you are still eligible for the tax credit.
806 654 3842

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